Eric has been forcing me to write updates about our recent summer vacation. "(takes deep breathe) Jillian, you better start blogging about New York, otherwise you're going to forget!!" Right. As if I ever forget about my vacations, Regardless if it's good OR bad.

I have described the sheer agony of dealing with people at the airport through getting to New York, but once we arrived at the JFK airport, everything started getting better. As soon as we left Hong Kong, we left the rude people behind us - coughing and sneezing without covering their mouths. I could never understand those people.

Eric's parents took us to a diner en route to the house and I got a taste of some real American food. Growing up in Malaysia, I'm used to food being "resized". For the first time in my life, I saw single portions that could feed three of me.

(This is the largest french fry I've ever seen. Really)

(Now, compare that with this; a common sized portion of "Teriyaki Chicken Steak" here in Malaysia. You see what I mean?)

I'd really like to continue writing but my brain is falling asleep.
Will do a follow up entry soon.

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