Sometimes I think about my school days. Sure, I had some good great times back then; but more often than not, the only appropriate phrase that comes to mind is "What were they thinking?"

A few things struck me as violating our basic human rights.

Let's begin by me telling you what they did to us in primary school (middle school).

Being young, 7-8 year old kids, it's only natural that we would want to have fun. So we played around the school compound during recess time. When I say "
we" I meant "the other kids" because I was never the active kind when I was young. I never wanted to sweat and get dirty before the school day ends. Being sweaty in our 2 layers of school uniform (a shirt under a pinafore), in this kind of humidity was, is still not my cup of tea. My friends would chase each other around the compound or jump over ropes made with a string of rubber bands.

(It takes 2 players to hold both ends and the remaining player[s] jump over it at different heights - the Ipod was not invented yet)
What do the teachers do? They disallowed us from playing during recess time. The reason; being sweaty and tired from all the jumping will be a major distraction during classes. I remember that was when everyone started bringing board games to play during our 20 minute break time. After a few weeks, they caught pupils playing Snakes and Ladders during study periods so they banned those too. Routine "spot" checks were conducted to ensure that no one breaks the rules.

(The all-time favorite board game)

Some of these
rules which I now consider idiocies, were enforced all through secondary school (high school).

These are just a handful of things we were NOT allowed to do:-

1) Wear nail polish, even the clear kind

2) Bring more than a certain amount of money to school (
you'd be shocked at the amount, really)

3) Either curl or straighten our hair

4) Color our hair, even in natural tones

5) Show the whites of our nails

6) Having dirt under our nails (don't we get to be dirty if we so choose?)

7) Wear any jewelry except for religious reasons

We would have a general assembly on Monday mornings and anyone caught with the above-mentioned will be punished by being given demerit points. We only have a certain number of points per our entire time being in high school. Jewelry will be confiscated and can only be claimed by parents.

During class, we were NOT allowed to:-

8) Use correction fluids (their reason: desks are being vandalized as students draw on them using these)

) Bring any reading material except school/class related ones. I've had a novel confiscated before. I never got it back. I must be fair, apart from the above the other school rules seemed pretty reasonable.

I ask myself what is the point for all this. All the time.

Any insight on this will be much appreciated.
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  1. joa Says:

    i totally agree!!!! and what's their problem with us wearing nike/fila white shoes to school??just because its not bata or sparks or kiki la-la..we get demerits too!

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