I love reading while I eat. And I believe it's quite hazardous.

No, really. Hear me out first.

I mostly read the paper during meals. But given a choice, I'd prefer to read a paperback while I enjoy my cereal. When these 2 options are not available, I read the back of the cereal box itself or other food labels within reach. When these too, I can't get; then I finish up real quick and head back to whatever I'm doing. Mostly it's my computer.

Are you starting to see my point?

No? Okay. Sometimes when the chapter I'm reading gets really interesting and I can't put the book down I'd get myself another small helping or make coffee or worse, I search for desert in the fridge. In the long run, I believe this habit will make me gain some serious weight. Why do most nutritionists discourage TV meals, mm?

While I curb this addiction, here's what the title is about; I've decided that I shall eat my meals (when I'm dining alone) using lunchboxes so that I don't make a mess while I only have one free hand.

(See, I don't need to use a fork/knife to keep the food from spilling out of the plate and onto my lap anymore)

It's really quite brilliant, don't you think?
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