I've never had any sort of good luck whenever I'm in a post office.

Guess what happened in the post office today?

It's the strangest thing, really; there were no pens!

So there I was, carrying a large 15 pound box for shipping, with my wallet sitting on top – which fell off a couple of times because I have problems balancing the weight and size of my parcel; looking every where within the main post office in town.

Of course, throughout this time, no one offered to help. Some guy with a ginormous belly was sitting on a chair nearby playing with his cellphone. He was wearing a waist pouch. He probably has a pen somewhere in there. He did not even look up from his what must have been a very interesting cellphone.

Now, will someone please explain to me what's wrong with this picture?

There were no pens dangling from chains either. Yes, people steal pens in Malaysia. That's why banks have to have it chained on the table/counter. Since I couldn't find one anywhere, I started looking around for a stray pen. After walking back and forth a few times, all the while clutching my parcel, I found one lying on the counter at the end, I grabbed it.

When it was my turn, I went up and deposited my parcel. Within those few minutes, that pen was gone. I swear I did not see anyone beside me. I then deduced that it has to be the employee over the counter.

I believe this is a conspiracy.

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  1. DasReboot Says:

    Haha! Shame on the world for not providing enough pens, esp. for poor li'l Jillian! But if one could balance a wallet on top of a parcel, surely one would do well to balance a nice ball-point behind one's ear as well? That way, at the P.O. you'd be less P.O.'d for lack of writing utensils. Perhaps we should just "write off" this conspiracy theory!

  2. Jillian Says:

    Hahaha!! u're right, if only I'd known there wouldnt be any pens I woulda balanced one behind my ear. Hmmph well next time, and I hope u're right, no more getting P.O'd in the P.O!!

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