I have had plenty of somewhat odd dreams and I don't intend to document all of them here.

However, the one last night; I'm sure, was one of those which I simply must share.

See, it's the kind of dream that you still think about over and over even after you wake up; and often times; you're still emotional over what "happened".

Here are some of the bits I could remember clearly. Some are blurred images now but I'll try to explain them the best I could.

"We were in a restaurant with a few friends. These friends are sitting across the table from where I was but I cannot tell who they were. "We" are myself and an Unidentified Boyfriend (UBF). UBF was sitting beside me but for some reason I could only see the back of his head"

Sometimes in dreams we know who anyone's was supposed to be, but in this particular one, I really cannot tell who the UBF was. This bothers me.

"Sitting beside UBF was an elderly woman whom he explained to be his best friend. This woman was sitting to his right, whereas I was sitting on the left. Throughout the meal (it was a semi-buffet dinner) he would get up and get her rounds of food - and to a certain point, help her with her chopsticks as she wasn't good with them"

Here's why this dream is beyond bizarre; the elderly woman mentioned, I've seen her in real life. Often on my way to work, I'd see her walking on the sidewalk. She would be wearing a navy blue salesperson uniform which means she must be working at the nearby mall. This woman is probably in her mid fifties but she still wears ridiculously high heels and a thick layer of makeup. In case you need more details to work up that mental image; she wears her black hair (dyed perhaps) up in a bun and has a monkey jowl.

"So throughout dinner UBF would sometimes put his arm over her shoulder (like how buddies do). I was there - but not entirely there. I cannot explain this. I was physically there, but it was as if all I could do was to look on; doing nothing to interfere. Jealousy was obviously bubbling all over me. He (UBF) was obviously not paying any attention to me, otherwise I would've seen his face."

The details were blurry after the dinner scene.

"In the following scene, I woke up in bed late one evening. We were late for a dinner appointment. Turning to my side, I poked UBF gently on the ribs in order to wake him up. He grunted unintelligibly a few times before sitting upright. He then stumbled his way into the bathroom. I waited in bed but he never came back for a few more minutes of snuggling

So I got dressed and went downstairs. There was no sight of him around the house so I went out to the porch to check if he's waiting in the car - I found UBF standing by our gate talking to the woman who was standing on the other side"

I remember getting extremely angry over this. So mad that it actually woke me up. I am not facing anything remotely like it in real life, I don't even know that woman (besides seeing her occasionally) and Eric does not have dark hair on his head!

So who is this person masquerading as my boyfriend in my dream?! It's very disturbing!

...Oh, you thought it was the fact that UBF was so friendly with another woman that was bothering me?
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