My dad has an extreme case of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). I know I have my own set of OCDs but at least I am aware of them, mostly.

An insane character would never admit that he needs help.

Don't get me wrong, I love my dad but I just cannot and do not agree with some of his idiosyncrasies. One of the things he must do that drives me completely mad is to hang towels, sheets and other flat pieces of clothing a certain way - so that it will dry faster. This alone, I cannot stand nor understand, we have plenty of space in the yard even if the clothes need an entire day to dry.

He suggests insists that I follow this rule:-

Side (A) has to be MUCH shorter than side (B)

He believes that when a piece of towel is hung this way, it will take mere minutes to dry, with the ceiling fan running above of course (the ceiling fan itself violates several degrees of OCD). Sometimes I would just hang (A) and (B) at equal length; but this doesn't matter; as when I check again, it would look like the above picture again.

Did I mention that there are two ceiling fans above the outdoor drying area?

Edit (Sept 24): He has extreme routines with T-shirts and generally all other types of laundry too. When hanging T-shirts for example, he insists that they should be hung inside out first, then in a few hours he would turn them right side out again. This; according to him, would shorten drying time. I keep telling him "Dad, a T-shirt has no pockets, it will dry fast regardless if you turn it over or not!!". He then accused me of being "young and therefore, still an ignorant child".

Do I even want to get started with the obsession of wiping his car(s)? I might as well. My dad had had the privilege of owning fancy cars at a young age, therefore, it couldn't be an obsession triggered by mid-life crisis. Plus, his current car is not one of his fanciest or most expensive. His daily routine would sound something like this:-

1) Get home from work
2) Pop open car bonnet - let cool for a while
3) Hurry upstairs to change into something more comfortable - wife-beater singlet + a pair of shorts
4) Wets a piece of rag and starts wiping car - Finish an hour later
5) Stops in time for dinner; or whenever mom tells him to come inside
6) Finishes dinner, goes back into the garage to finish up spots he missed
*During weekends and non-work days, skip steps (1-3)

Once he was driving us out to lunch, a bird defecated on his front windshield. He immediately drove to a nearby gas station to wipe the spot with a piece of tissue. I could not make this up even if I tried.

There is more where this came from, but I don't think it's best to get into it.
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  1. DasReboot Says:

    LOL!! I say, your dad might be onto something! Maybe it's just the OCD talking, but wouldn't it seem that if Side A is shorter than Side B,
    you *could* shorten the drying time of the towel as more surface area is then exposed to air and sun? OCD behavior is often irrational, but at least your dad's method has a grain of rationality to it, so it would seem. But as for wiping and re-wiping and re-re-wiping the car, that takes the cake for needless anxiety-ridden repetitive behaviors that are often the hallmark of OCD. And you, Jill, have you washed your hands at least 32 times of this despicable habit?!!

  2. Jillian Says:

    Well actually I do agree with what you said about having more exposed surface. However maybe I should post an edit, he does it with T-shirts too, he MUST first hang the T-shirt inside out, THEN after a few hours, turn it right side out so that it would dry out evenly. I think this completely bollocks - since T-shirts are the same thickness inside and out. He does this with jeans/pants too, but I understand that with pockets and all it makes sense, but again, T-SHIRTS?! Aaargh

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