I was at the doctor's a week ago when I stumbled upon a women's magazine from December 1997. Yes, you don't need to check if you've read wrongly; 1997 was what I said wrote.

"Her World" December 1997, considering its age, the copy was in somewhat mint condition

Initially I looked around the library-sized table for a more recent copy of any magazine but couldn't find one that was non-gadget-related. And since I cannot stand staring blankly into space while I sit idly waiting my turn, I leafed through it and found myself having to share some of the "highlights" with you.

No doubt the make-up techniques were different during the past decade, I never expected this...

...to be a "fashionable night look" as described by the writer slash fashion guru. Even though I was only 12 in the year '97; barely into my teens, I know enough that this vampire/murdered victim combination was NEVER a fashion *do*!

I wanted to laugh out loud but held it in since there were people coughing and looking rather dull around me, I didn't want to ruin their sullen mood.

If this next article does not bring back memories, nostalgia even, you were probably too young back then or forbidden from using the Internet; probably as a punishment for breaking your father's expensive Walkman.

Short article entitled "Browsing Without Pictures"

Remember back in the day when broadband was unheard of and some people would scoff at this new technology which enables "airborne internet"; believing it might emit radiation? Yes, dial-up was the only option there is to stay connected. Who would've thought that one day, not very far into the future, we'd able to be online 24/7 without having to lose an arm and a leg?

I remember my mom yelling at me every half an hour to get off the Internet "OR YOU'LL BE PAYING THE PHONE BILL WITH YOUR POCKET MONEY THIS MONTH!!" and a page would take about 5 minutes to load.

Hence, "Browsing Without Pictures" would've been helpful indeed!

p/s It was also the year of Princess Diana's tragic death. There was a 4-5 page detailed write up on her celebrated life, the scandal(s) and eventually her demise. I almost can't believe that more than a decade has gone by since her passing.
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