It's safe to say that winter has officially started; I have a blotch of dry skin on each cheek and around the mouth. I moisturize and tone religiously but the cold weather apparently has other plans.

In a few a days, I will have been living in Korea for a month; and yes, I'm still trying hard to miss M'sia; my home country. It's truly not easy.

You see, what I'm about to write, is by far inefficiency and idiocy at its VERY BEST.

When it comes to official matters with the government, there are no shortcuts for us, regular M'sians. And I, having had to deal with every sort of idiot in a government office, know better than to wait till the last minute. Therefore, long before this move, I had had my paperwork taken cared of. So I thought.

A single page official letter (which I need) took no less than three weeks to process in M'sia, during which I was told that if I were to travel about 200 miles to the head office I could have the paperwork within 24 hours. I wasn't about to take that risk. They'd probably have ways to tell me to come back the next week anyway. In any case, I eventually obtained this piece of document; which I have now come to despise - you will see why shortly.

So there I was, thinking I had everything in order but then surprise surprise! When I got to the M'sian Embassy in Seoul, the officer in charge told me my official letter isn't at all official because it is missing A STAMP.

I know, our initial reaction was "Ok, no problem, we ARE afterall in a M'sian Embassy, they can stamp it too"

But we would be wrong, apparently, only that office in M'SIA has that stamp. So now, I am expected to fly back to Penang, get on a bus/plane then get to that other office in Kuala Lumpur to have my document stamped. Then get back on the plane back to Seoul to get my paperwork done.

I am shaking my head as I'm finishing this entry. How could anyone be so careless knowing that this piece of document; which is ONLY required overseas needs to be stamped to be officiated but then forgets to do it?! I cannot understand this!

I had decided that the following probably happened to the officer in charge (in M'sia) when he/she handled my paperwork:

Top 5 Habits Leading to Inefficiency

5) A friend called halfway through so he/she got distracted with idle chat, then oops, the clock ticked 4.45pm, packed his/her bags and left. Leaving the day's work behind

4) It was 20 mins before lunchtime, he/she was too hungry to even lift the rubber stamp

3) "I'll get this done tomorrow" - Guess what? He/she forgot!

2) "Damn it, where is that rubber stamp? Oh well, no one would notice it's missing anyway" - Someone DID! Idiot!


1) "Oh, I was such a glutton at lunch...I guess I'll just have my tea break in 2 hours instead of 1 hour" then takes this as an excuse to watch some videos on youtube, or laugh at nonsensical emails forwarded by colleague(s).

I am not kidding. The above scenarios are very common for a M'sian government officer.

I am utterly disgusted.
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