I know I haven't been blogging much over the past couple of months. However these few conditions need to be met in order for me to even write a proper sentence;

I can't be distracted by noise; music or otherwise

I can't have an incomplete task lurking at the back of my head

and I don't work well with a nagging feeling tugging on my conscience either.

Suffice to say; the job of a paid-writer wouldn't go well with me.

However, the reason for this last long hiatus was that I was doing an online course for past 70 days or so. Throughout that period of time there was never a time when I felt a 100% happy; there was always this nagging feeling telling me it's time to finish up another assignment.

I completed the course yesterday - 10 days short of the deadline. The relief is beyond anything.

I have so much to blog about.

It already feels like a good start for 2010

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