Many joyous events had happened over the last couple of months; my move to Korea, sorting out our marriage paperwork - which is not an easy feat, they never tell you these things on TV; the characters would simply announce their
marriage and then would quickly move on to the bride throwing her bouquet onto the crowd - no, they don't tell you what a pain it would be in regards to the paperwork.

And of course, being married.

The husband and I have been married for two weeks now. The husband; typing it even feels new. And like all things new, it feels great!

Admittedly everything needs to be getting used to; like how I like the bathroom to be arranged and the kind of mess we shouldn't leave around and so forth, but other than that, we're still us.

I'm in the midst of organizing the apartment (from the moving in and all) and also getting my head straight again. Will write back when things are in order.

All that and to get ready for our wedding party which is in 10 days!
I turn my back for one second and Eric suggests putting this on our wedding invitations

I still don't know what I've gotten myself into *sigh*
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