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I think that sometimes we get too caught up with being "grown up" that we forget to let the inner child in us have some fun.

I remember how my imagination would have no limits every time I visit the playground. There was a playground near our house that my dad would take me and my sister to after school. We would then pretend that the giant slide and swing set was a pirate ship - and we were being chased by another ship, often we would "slide" into the water to escape the hijacked or sinking ship. My brother was too young to play with us so we gave him some servant character in our imaginary play land.

I'm 25 now and sometimes I still enjoy having an ice-cream cone or a sundae. Or playing with bubbles.

When did bubbles stop being fun?

He was reluctant to join me at first, but after seeing how much fun I was having he decided to be bubbly too

See! Bubbles never stops being fun!
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