I am supposed to be on vacation, supposed to.

However, this trip back to Penang has been more stressful than it ever has been. Living with my dad used to be extremely difficult for me as he has obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) - this trip back home clearly shows that he is getting progressively worse. Living with him now would be impossible! My poor mom...I often wonder how she puts up with this craziness.

He is obsessed with his car; wiping it down till it shines, making sure that we shake the sand off from the bottom of our shoes before getting in, and constantly reminding the passengers to make sure our shoes do not accidentally brush against the cream colored interior. I think for the past three years since he bought that car, I've only been in it twice; three times at most.

In one of my previous entries, I wrote about how our drive was interrupted when a bird defecated on the windshield.

The two and a half weeks since Eric and I have been here, we've seen enough OCD-related behavior when it comes to the car (we call it the Golden Child since it's gold in color) to last us a few years, at least.
  • He gets home for lunch, pops the hood open (so that it'd cool off faster) and lets the car rest - usually till the next day. He will then hitch a ride back to work with his friend and co-worker who visits us often
  • I was playing with soap bubbles in the yard near the Golden Child. A few minutes later he ran out from the house and starts cleaning up the "soap stains" with a rag
  • A ceiling fan hangs directly above the Golden Child's engine to help cool it faster
  • He recently sent it to a mechanic to have its gasket changed, then when he came home, he told Eric that he will have to wash the entire engine that evening - because the mechanic had oily hands
  • After manically cleaning the engine and waxing all the rubber and plastic parts under the hood, he told Eric that it needs to dry for at least two days
  • A few days ago, a few extra pieces of blinds were installed to "shade" the car from the burning rays of the sun
His obsession is not only restricted to the Golden Child though, we have two other cars at home which he treasures more than life itself - in my opinion. We used one of the (other) cars this morning and then a few hours later, this conversation took place at home:-

Dad: Eric, there's a smell in the car

Eric: Oh...okay...

Dad: Something smelly is stuck on the floor mat of the car. You must've stepped on something smelly just now

Eric: I don't know, maybe it's a dead fish (looks under shoes for emphasize)

My dad did not seem to get the sarcasm. It stresses me out completely that while we are here on vacation, he does not seem to want to take a break from this madness and maybe spend some time with his own daughter - a human being.

I rest my case.
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