I often wake up from my dreams and/or nightmares and the memories immediately start to blur and fade away. But this particular dream I had during the night of the lunar eclipse (December 21) was so bizarre that I woke up in the wee hours of dawn and thought about it for a good hour before I woke Eric just to tell him about it. A little selfish, I know, but the only way I could remember it clearly later was to tell it out loud.

"I saw myself as a young-ish, school girl. My sibling* and I lived on the other side of town from my school and walk there everyday; on a well-lit path through the woods separating the town into two equal parts. It was clear in the dream that everyone would live on one half of the town and needed to walk on this path to get to work or to buy supplies.

You see, it was common knowledge in this town that that little patch of woods was a magical one, and every day after nightfall, it transformed into a gateway to another dimension - with ghouls and shadows living their own lives; where humans were not welcomed. Every one, young and old, should they not have a solid hour before 6 o'clock, would rather sit and wait till morning to go home.

As it happened, one day, for reasons that were unclear, we finished school very late. I recall looking worriedly at my watch (5-ish in the afternoon), we both knew what might happen if we try to walk home as dusk fell.

At last my sibling and I decided that we could make it home in well under 10 minutes. By then it still wouldn't be 6 yet. So we took deep breaths, braced ourselves and ran with all our might to try to reach the other side - where it would be safe.

It got to the point that I could see the vine-covered gate (on the other side). We were so relieved that we made it, just a few more inches and we would've touched the handle --

...then a big cloud covered the last rays of the sun within those few seconds and everything changed. The green vines turned into a darker, more sinister color, almost teal. Thorns sprouted from the previously harmless vines and that's when we knew we would have to find our way back into our world; through theirs. My sibling and I were holding hands - clammy to the touch, each not knowing who initiated the gesture.

Before we had time to decide if we should go back the way we came or through the gate**, I heard large flapping wings and the cry of a monstrous crow almost stopped my heart short. Then, out of no where I saw a little man, barely 5 ft tall, dressed in a green suit with a matching top hat. He grabbed our arms and yanked us through the gate.

The first thing I saw were dark, shapeless figures with burning red holes for eyes shoveling coal into train carts. It didn't look like they had any emotions***. As we followed the little man in green, who seemed human and wanted to help us, we walked through the town square which seemed like any other town - in the 16th century.

We tried to stay clear of everyone's way while trying to get across the town square but then there was this plump-ish woman pushing a cart of deep fried rats towards us..."

Then I woke up.

*it was never clear if it was a sister or a brother
**the gate at this point will NOT take us home, it will take us into their town square
***sometimes in dreams, you just know certain details
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