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Winter's almost over.

That may be good news for some; especially Eric, who loves to make an eggroll of himself with our blankets and pretend to shiver violently, softly repeating over and over "C-c-c-cold"  whenever I leave the window(s) opened.

Of course, this would also mean that strawberry season is coming to an end too.

(Red, juicy, succulent strawberries, fresh from the market)

I was already missing them (somewhat) as I was gobbling them down. I might have eaten them a tad too fast (maybe a bit too much?) as later that night, there was a whole orchestra going - not in a good way.

I've written about some of the funny sights I've seen here in Korea so far. I think what I'm about to show you definitely needs to be on the list.

The place was a local coffee outlet franchise, quite similar to the Starbucks or Coffee Bean chains; except it's a local company. They're probably one of the most ubiquitous coffee outlets I've seen around the cities I've been to so far.

I can't say I understand what "Fresh coffee, just wasted" is supposed to mean.

Or maybe it's subtly hinting that all that freshness is going to waste, on people like us!
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