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Before I go further, here are a few things I need to clarify.

One; pronunciations of certain letters of the alphabet in the English Language are often substituted by non-native speakers due to the difference of language, i.e in China, "R" sounds are often pronounced as "L" sounds, and vice versa. A few people I know would pronounce "V" sounds as "W" sounds. Over here in Korea, the "F" is often pronounced as "P".

Two; hand sanitizers are ubiquitous since the Swine Flu outbreak several months back.

This morning, after only getting about five hours of sleep the night before, we dragged ourselves to the Incheon airport to catch our flight back to Daegu. I left Eric in the queue while I stepped out of the airport for a cigarette. Being in the cold reminded me of the humidity and heat just the day before and I skipped around (not too much and no one noticed) with joy.

A few minutes later, Eric came up and told me to get my camera ready as he'd seen something blog-worthy. I went over to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf condiment counter where I saw this:


I merely thought it was the brand until I had time to process the image. The bottle simply states what its content was for - plu!

See? I simply love being back!
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2 Responses
  1. Jessica Says:

    Like Coffee! They pronounce as Coppi!

  2. Jillian R. Says:

    Can you guess what is "Smoper" supposed to mean?

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