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It's true that kids say the darndest, but one thing that adults fail to mention often enough is; kids draw the darndest things!

Let start by explaining that I am now officially a kindergarten teacher. It's taken a few weeks to adjust to the screaming kids, "Teacher!! Look!!"s, and sometimes crying little ones but today
 I feel like I am starting to fit in.

Prior to this landing myself in this job, I honestly did not realize how much I love kids. I've always stayed away from kids because they feel fragile to me - like they'd trip, fall on the ground and break their tiny little legs -- or something like that. But now, seeing how they roughly throw themselves on the ground, scraped their knees and continue to laugh; I think I might've been fooled all along. Yesterday, a five year old boy was running around the school (although he knew he wasn't supposed to), tripped and fell flat on his chin (
Insert *gasp*). He got up immediately and continued laughing with his friends. I don't know, falling flat on my chin feels like a bummer to me.

If I were to keep a log book of the cute things I've seen the kids do today, it would look something like this:-

- When asked to draw a turnip on a piece of paper, several kids drew this:

And no, I've decided not to let them bring this piece of work home.

- One of my 6 year old pupils accidentally paper-cut himself and was bleeding a little, so I asked him to go clean up. When he came back, he talked to another boy; moment later, his buddy also had a paper-cut. I can't explain this.

- During lunch two 4 year olds got into an argument with each other (in Korean). One was about to cry when a third 4 year old ran over and started consoling them in Korean. I wish I understood what she was saying because it looked so sweet that I felt like giving the third girl a hug. In the end, the third girl went on to ask the other two girls to apologize to each other.

I love kids. I might even have some of my own. Someday.

Tomorrow is field trip day. Yay.
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