Jillian R.
I don't think I'll ever get bored of seeing snow.

- simply because it's the most beautiful thing you can see in the morning.

I woke up tired (and maybe a little cranky) this morning because I spent the previous night farming. Yes, I am a fellow Farmville addict farmer.

(I recently built arranged a school and library in the "heart" of town; and it filled me with much joy)

It's not part of my morning routine to open our frosted-glass-window(s) to check the weather. Instead, Eric and I rely heavily on our Windows weather gadget. It's its job to dictate what we wear that day. This morning I neglected seeing the Snow icon.

As soon as I stepped downstairs, the dreadful walk to the bus stop was immediately replaced with awe and happiness. No matter how many times I see a blanket of snow I'd still do that little leap of joy in my head. Even more so if I wasn't expecting it.

It doesn't matter that I almost slipped on sheets of ice a few times.

As I walked down the street, I couldn't help but smile. I got a few wary stares but I didn't care. It must've snowed throughout the night, covering everything with sparkling blue and silver specks - at least that's how I see it.

It was comical seeing people trying to walk on slushy. I silently patted myself on the back for wearing flat, winter boots

I always have the urge to poke my fingers through the powdery ice on cars. So I did just that when no one was looking.

I walk through this park everyday on the way to the bus stop. The dull-looking park was transformed overnight into a white winter wonderland.

I remember seeing these footprints in the snow and thought, "It must be 30°C in Penang right now, oh thank god I'm here, yay!". Then the song "Perfect Day" by Hoku launched itself and played in my head (on a loop) until I got to work.

On the way back, there were kids making snowmen - so I stopped and looked. I can't explain it, but nothing makes me happier than watching kids play in parks.

The snow was melting by then but I guess they did their best.

That's all from me,
Girl from the Tropics
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