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When I think about my birthdays, I don't automatically think "McDonald's"; because that's the kind of birthday party that kids at home want up until the age of 10 8. Instead I remember the house parties that my mom would throw for me; she'd spend all day dishing out fried noodles while I make green potato salad - by accident.

This is the first time I'm spending my birthday away from home. There's nothing I love more than meat...yum...m.e.a.t! We decided to take a break from Korean food and so hence our adventure began - at Bennigan's.

Now let me tell you
why it was an adventure:-

I've written before that every day in Korea is an adventure because every little thing catches you by surprise. I have a whole compilation of quirky things they (Koreans) do which makes me laugh or go "...wha-?" - I just haven't had the time to post it yet. It's coming...soon, I promise.

I was starving on the way there, so when the bread was served I took a gigantic bite. The buttered piece tasted sweet. At first I thought my starved taste buds were playing tricks, so I took another bite - then realized that the bread was incredibly sweet. I didn't think that it was that strange so I continued with another bite, then it registered that not only the bread was sweet, the butter was sweetened too. Now THIS, this was weird beyond a doubt, why on Earth would you sweeten butter?!

Yes, only in Korea, you will find sweetened, fluffy butter at Bennigan's. It didn't taste bad...it was simply quite strange.

We told them it was my birthday (secretly hoping for free desert...heh) and minutes later the staff came out bearing tambourines and sang me a birthday song in Korean. It was mostly enjoyable if not for the silly hat they made me wear.

Oh and did I mention the silly glasses?

So what do I think about birthdays?

Awesome! - It doesn't really matter what you do, as long as you spend it with people you care about. I wouldn't trade this for the most expensive birthday party at a nightclub. Again, will someone please explain to me what exactly is fun about that? No, really, I'm interested.

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  1. DasReboot Says:

    what a great time u had, Jill, what with the jangling tambourines and all! as for sweet butter, maybe it was just unsalted? (which is often called sweet butter in U.S. which reveals more of the natural lactose flavor otherwise masked by salt). but hm... how does one make potato salad "by accident"?! Oh, u didn't mean to, I'm sure! :D

  2. Jillian R. Says:

    Uh-uh it's not unsalted, it was whipped with sugar I'm sure. Just like how they sweeten PICKLES.

    The green potato salad, well, I undercooked the potatoes, and only tasted it AFTER I put in all the other ingredients. So I had to put it in the microwave. It came out green.

  3. DasReboot Says:

    ha, ok... sounds delish: whipped butter with sugar (or honey)! :D oh, you found a new way to make green potato salad, I see. There actually is such a thing (http://www.myvegancookbook.com/blog/?p=176), but it's usually rendered green cuz of added scallions, basil, avocado, etc. ;)

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