Jillian R.
We begin our story in a town called ChicksBille. The town is populated by well, chickens; who live in harmony with each other - as long as their routine is uninterrupted.

The 'Mr Eggy's Farm Fresh Eggs' truck will deliver farm fresh eggs to the town's grocery store at precisely 8am every Wednesday, responding to the order form which comes in every Monday night; regardless of the crates of eggs which are stacking up at the store. All the chickens lead very peaceful lives where they peck away at corn or rice bits at precisely 12pm, never more than an hour later.

ChicksBille is also populated by a considerate number of rabbits who moved there from neighboring towns to work as teachers. You see, the rabbits know a secret language used by the wild animals in a nearby jungle and have started using it in their towns. Eventually, all the rabbits in all the towns will hop into the wild where food is abundant.

When the chickens learned that there are many untold riches in the jungle, they too, want to be included. At first, they sent their best scholars into neighboring towns to learn this secret language. They tried and they tried, but alas, all the chickens returned empty handed. After years of struggle, the mayor of ChicksBille decided to invite rabbits from neighboring towns to come to ChicksBille to educate them with the promise of good shelter and all the carrots they can eat as a form of payment.

The rabbits; having to work very hard back home for a few chunks of carrot, decided that the invitation is too much a good one to pass up. So they moved into ChicksBille.
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