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The cold winter days are finally over, after six long months.

The past few weeks had been nothing short of wonderful. I got a bicycle to ride to the bus stop, Eric and I take long walks in the park; or spend a lazy afternoon in a coffee shop downtown and (I can't believe what I'm about to type) I actually look forward to going to work every day - even the phone teaching every other day doesn't bother me as much anymore.

Although the weekend barbecues are amazing;

Nothing beats the great outdoors. I finally coaxed Eric into buying a bike as well so that we could cycle together on campus. He is a stubborn one difficult sometimes, but he knows a good idea when it hits him on the forehead.

(My little bike looks at the bigger one and goes "Someday....!")

It's incredibly fun to cycle around campus, not to mention the exercise we badly need after being at home during the cold, cold months.

I want to share the highlights of our little adventures and the best way is of course, through these pictures:-

It was late afternoon and we saw older folk resting under a gazebo covered with wisteria.

We looked closer and saw that they were watching their friends play a game of Chinese Chess. Many times I feel as if the world has turned on itself, but then I see people enjoying a simple board game out in nature itself. It's reassuring. It seems to tell me that everything's alright.

And of course, watching kids play in the park is always a joy to me. I watch the little kids do their imbalanced walk seemingly without a care in the world.

We saw a little girl holding her younger brother's hand as they hopped and skipped along. It makes me want to have one of my own. Children bring out the best in me. They really do.

After the ride through campus, a very strange thing happened, I wanted to drop by the store to get some flower/herb seeds. I couldn't understand this at first, as I remember a younger version of myself explaining to my mom how inconvenient it was to have plants around the yard.

(This one says "Little Garden")

(I'm starting off with some thyme, basil and lavender)

But as I sat down to work on my little herb garden, it dawned on me that maybe I'm finally happy.

I have everything that I had looked forward to in life; I married a wonderful (although stubborn difficult) man, somehow landed myself in a fun job and future looks warm and inviting. So maybe it's time to spread the love and watch it grow into a pretty little garden.

However, the instructions were in Korean, so I did everything my way. Will just wait and see what happens.
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  1. Eric Says:

    Don't believe the Tandoori picture, I'm a much larger person in real life :P

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