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One of the many reasons why I should only listen to calming music or watch non-violent slash non-scary slash non-furless  animal shows before bedtime is this; the information gets stored and later converted into very weird dreams.

Describing or rather, translating my often visual dreams into words may be the hardest form of writing for me. My dreams are often vivid but at the same time, major details are blurry. The dream I had recently was based on this video that I listened to in the background while I got ready for bed.

The following video is by  Philip Defranco; your regular Youtuber.  He talks about scientists planning to create a star on Earth. I'll let him explain further.
(He kinda rambled on a bit in the beginning, you may fast forward to 1:40)
"As soon as it started, I was in a helicopter flying through a large forest*. Through it flowed a long, red river; red the color of watered down Indian curry. A beautiful scene really. I only wish I could draw better."

"At this point I didn't know the objective of our little expedition. I couldn't even tell how many people were travelling with me. However, I did know our destination - we were flying into a certain part of world; which called itself a "country". Its citizens consisted of humans evolved as a result of the creation and testing of the "star on Earth" as mentioned in the video."

"As we flew lower, we were clearly within the village part of this small "country". The men wore skirt-like pants made from dried leaves. The women wore hula skirts made from vines. From far, they looked they all had tanned skin and long dreadlocks. When I looked closer, I understood why they were considered evolved; they had a greenish glow to their skin. Some had green highlights in their hair - I could only assume this was their natural hair color. My guess was, because of such abundance in solar energy, humans no longer need food to sustain themselves. Instead we now produce chlorophyll."

Come on, how else do you explain the green skin and hair!!

"The village itself was beautiful. Wooden houses were erected on stilts along both sides the red river banks. These belonged to the natives of the country I suppose. I watched all this from the helicopter, The men sharpened their fishing spears and the women barbecued seemingly normal-looking chicken over small fires."

"We flew past the village and into the city. It was a full size, Manhattan-style city with gigantic skyscrapers and big, flashing billboards. If I didn't know better, I'd think I've somehow flown back to the Big Apple."

"This was where we landed. The city folk were no different from the natives; they had the same green tinted skin and hair. Some had colored hair, and it wasn't uncommon to see a blonde haired, green skinned teenager head-bobbing along the sidewalk. The only difference separating the city people and the natives was that city dwellers wore suits and regular city clothes."

Everything was a blur over the next few scenes. The next thing I knew...

"Someone pointed to a twister right in the heart of the city, slowly growing in diameter and swallowing everything in it's path. It suddenly became clear why I was there. We were there to research and maybe at some point, to handle this disaster. Apparently the '"black hole" effect has begun - in the form of the twister."

This made sense to me, it was a dream after all.

"When I saw this poor woman in a grey business suit getting sucked into the twister, I woke up"

Note: * might be anything, who knows
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