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It's nearing six months since I moved to Daegu, Korea. Therefore I think I've earned my fair right to say this based on observation; if there is one favorite thing which Koreans like doing with their dogs; it is to carry them around.

Most of the dog owners I've seen have tiny little toy dogs; mostly groomed poodles which they bring to the market or along the street - in their arms. I've yet to see anyone actually walking a dog.

In case you're too puzzled to understand what I'm saying, I've drawn quite a clear picture (I hope).

(No Korean female is complete without a big, giant bow in their hair!)

So, as I was saying they like carrying their little toy dogs under their arms as they go about chattering happily with their friends. Women are not the only guilty ones as I've seen men doing the same.

The result? Korean dogs can't seem cross the street by themselves! And here I thought city dogs have a natural instinct to do so. How these Koreans somehow trained their dogs to lose this ability is beyond me. On two separate occasions, I've seen a dog trying to cross a busy street and failed quite miserably. And on both occasions, onlookers could only stand by, gasping and holding their breaths while watching the cars/buses honking at the poor doggies who just wouldn't get out of the way - just like their human friends (I'm not kidding).

In fact, on one of the times mentioned above, the dog was wearing sneakers and a pink T-Shirt - it was probably a male dog. For some reason, Korean men like pink.

It irks me that any second now, some poor little dog might get run over because their owners are being so irresponsible as to not even let the dog walk itself!
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  1. Pam Says:

    love the illustration!! LOL!!! (poor doggies!)

  2. Jillian R. Says:

    Hahahaha! Well, I see it everyday! It's horrible!

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