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I'm beginning to enjoy my job more than I'm suppose to. Suppose; because the kids I teach aren't mine (obviously) and I anticipate a certain amount of sadness when they finish their semester.

Today (Saturday) is Teacher's Day. I've never been a teacher before until now, and I must say, it's an amazing experience. When I started working at the academy, I wasn't that keen, nor did I find the kids that cute. But they grow on you - kids. I am growing too, as a teacher. And I'm beginning to see that I might be doing a great job after all!

If I knew I would've done things differently; how a teacher feels when he/she receives gifts from the kids. If just for a moment, I could go back in time, I would give some of my teachers a token of my gratitude; as I've had some amazing teachers who helped cramped some of the knowledge wedged in my head today.

I won't ramble on as I'm also working on another entry - in my head; and a jumble words are starting to blur into an incredible mess. The message I want get across is;

Happy Teacher's Day to all the teachers out there!

We've got a wonderful job, sometimes the students might be a pain, but if we could just see the humor in the little crazy things they do, life would be so much more fun. I've learnt that if we enjoy teaching them, they in turn, learn better.
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    is it Teacher or + eac_her :)

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