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This will be the first Mother's Day which I'm spending away from home; and naturally, my Mom.

It's true that I don't listen to Mom one hundred percent of the time, but who instills that "fear" in you better than your own mother. I used to eat up all the food on my plate because she said "If you don't eat your food you'll never grow up! Do you want to be a dwarf?" Or "If you don't wash your feet before bed they'll turn into elephant feet!"

Because I am the eldest daughter (my siblings were born a year apart when I was five), I believe Mom spent all her time teaching me nursery rhymes and my ABC's and for some strange reason still has time to crochet little tops, skirts and dresses for me.

I used to be upset that my clothes were different from the other kids in kindergarten. However, back in 1990, kids don't tease each other as much - I never got teased, but I still wanted to just wear a T-shirt and shorts just like the kid next to me. Sometimes Mom would put me in one of my little store-bought dresses, and braid my hair. I remember my childhood fondly; and as clear as day. Sometimes I feel this incredible sense of nostalgia and it makes me sad that those days are nothing but memories now.

Before I get too melancholy, I want share some of the reasons why Mom means so much to me.

5) Chocolate flavored milk powder wasn't an every day privilege as it was too sweet for daily consumption, she said. Instead, I got bland, plain, milk/formula growing up - the healthier kind. I see the kind of flavored milk kids nowadays drink and all I could think about was how lucky I am to have Mom. Otherwise I might be morbidly obese by now, who knows.

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4) While other kids played with their friends in the afternoon(s), Mom would sit with me on my little "ABC's" table reading (and then making me read) me stories of Ladybird's "Peter and Jane". Sometimes I randomly go "Here comes Peter, Here comes Jane" in my head. The nursery rhymes and children's songs I've learned, stuck with me ever since.

3) I rarely got brand-name clothes as Mom would often sew me house dresses and pajamas out of patterned cloths which she bought from the local stores - a rarity these days. As I've mentioned before, I have a dozen or so dresses and other items she crocheted from scratch. I'd sometimes sit and watch her work with those needles. Yet, I never learnt.

2) Mom never gave me candy when I was a kid. As a result, I've developed a resistance towards candies and other sweet treats, even chocolate. In fact, I've stayed away from cakes and pastries almost my entire life. As hungry as I'd get, I'd never develop a craving for anything sweet. Given the history of diabetes in my family, this is probably the healthiest way to live.

and finally,

1) I know Mom loves me unconditionally because of the one thing she does (does, because she still does it now); she always takes a bite of my food first; saying "Let me taste if it's spoiled before you eat it". Now, if this is not unconditional love, I don't know what is! =)


I love you!

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