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I have been planning to go up the mountain here in Daegu for quite some time now. 

Things however never seemed to work out before; if it wasn't the never-ending six months of winter which did it, it was our poor sense of direction which got us lost or Eric's motorcycle which suddenly decided that it refused to start 20 minutes down the road.

Today, the beautiful weather coupled with Eric's sheer effort (you know I love you, baby) getting off the Eve Online game a few hours sooner, we were on the motorcycle on our merry way.

The ride up the countryside was really a pleasant one. The road signs were easy to follow (unlike in the subway) and so within 10 minutes we were cruising out of the city. The difference is evident as soon as we hit the last row of city houses/apartments. The air became cleaner and the roadside was littered with rows of trees and greenery instead of little shop houses squeezed together. Then came acres after acres of farm; where they grow their limited number of vegetables. There isn't much color or variety to hold one's interest for long and soon I found myself watching people along the sidewalk(s).

We got lost a little bit and without proper signs showing how far the foot of the mountain was, we stopped by the roadside. So, the picnic didn't turn out the way I pictured it.

It was a shame as Eric had just bought a picnic mat which looked really soft and comfortable. We sat on these weird looking, camping stools instead.

(Tuna Kimbap)

Lunch was a simple kimbap meal with beer and juice to wash it down. There are some Korean food which I absolutely detest but I LOVE the kimbap, it's a sushi-like roll of rice with a few different filling to choose from; tuna, beef or just plain radish, cucumber and um, a few other things.

The mountain was visible where we were sitting.

(Helmet Hair; and I wasn't squatting, the camping stool just wasn't visible)

(...and the weather was perfect)

After getting scared half to death by some crazy drivers, we made it in one piece to the foot of the mountain. By now, I'm beginning to love Daegu more and more.

This looked like some kind of man-made reservoir or maybe it's natural, no one knows as all the signs were in Korean. It's truly calming nevertheless. There were giant, black fish swimming in it, playfully brushing against one small turtle which looked like it wanted to eat them, but it was just waiting to grow bigger first.

Here are some more pictures for your enjoyment;

When we've had enough of staring idly at the peaceful water, we moved on. Just a short but steep hike up uphill, there was spring water fountain.

I initially argued about taking a sip

Eric: Take a sip of the water, it's refreshing
Me: No, there's bacteria and stuff!
Eric: There's no bacteria! We're high up here, the water's not polluted yet.
Me: You don't know Eric! It might! Who knows!
Eric: Take a sip! *pushes me*
Me: *Tries to push against him* No!
Eric: Don't make me leave you here!
Me: *Scowls, takes a sip*

Okay, maybe the water was cool and refreshing. Maybe, but along with it, I've probably swallowed millions of bacteria.

Look at that dungeon-like trash guard or something over the stream.

There was a monastery or maybe a temple at the very top, and a souvenir shop playing soothing, traditional music which sounded Buddhist to me. I blame my ignorance in Korean culture.

 And now, I've saved the best for last; this is probably the scariest, most dangerous toilet I've ever been in.

See the gaping hole of no return there? I looked down, got scared and almost couldn't pee. Needless to say, I tried peering from the corner of my eye in order to take this picture - not without first looping the camera strap a few times around my wrist. Can you imagine the kinds of nastiness underneath?

As soon as I came out from the toilet, my watch fell off my wrist; my limited edition Swatch watch. I shuddered thinking of what might've been if it fell off just a few minutes sooner *shivers*.
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