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I was doing my weekly cleaning of our apartment this afternoon while Eric was playing his favorite-can't-live-without online game, Eve.

While I was on my knees cleaning under our bed, the following conversation took place;

I helped yesterday
(Indeed, yesterday he swept the floor using one of those static paper sheets)
Me: Yes you did. I still need to mop now. It's really dusty under the bed. Look at these balls of hair!
Eric: But I helped.
Me: Can you move your feet, please?
Eric: (rolls chair away from desk) But I did good right? I swept all the dust away.

Most men are (like) kids. They need to be patted on the shoulder for a job well down.

Me: Yes you did. It was really helpful what you did or else it might've been even dustier.

Let's face it, we love them to bits, but when our husbands/boyfriends cleans, it's not exactly
"the same", is it? I find myself not being able to trust my husband with the laundry in case he throws my delicates into the machine without the mesh netting (although Eric CAN separate the whites from the colors).

And let's not forget to check under the beds/rugs because we
know that there will be balls of dust and hair underneath. As much as I complain about his cleaning skills, I do love my husband unconditionally. I just can't leave him on his own devices because I might come home one day and find him crushed under a giant pile of dust bunnies.
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