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Everything geared up and ready to go, are you ready to hear (or rather, read) about today's adventure in la-la-land?

The thing about me is that I always prepare for a good, long wait. Where I come from, with the bureaucracy that they thoroughly enjoy and general incompetency, almost all my visits to service establishments turn into fist-clenching  episodes. So, I always carry reading material with me. A novel is always the perfect companion, but if one isn't available, a copy of the day's newspaper does the job just as well.

But as Murphy's Law dictates; as soon as I forget to bring a book, I was caught waiting with Eric in a coffee shop as he graded his papers. What else to do but blog? Then I realized that my in-between-jobs lifestyle might not be that interesting after all.

I mean, I only talk about the fashion statement here which changes about once every week consistently. Looking out from our table in the coffee shop, I saw a few girls walk past wearing two different shoes on each foot. And I don't just mean different colored sneakers or anything; but two very different shoes - one strappy and the other a sneaker of some sort. And white is definitely the "color of the week". A few girls were obviously "last (week) season" as they were still wearing stripes. Yes, striped dresses, skirts and tops were the flavors of last week. Heck, they almost made me go buy a striped dress (seriously!).

No, I didn't eventually. Stripes are never flattering on me.

What about the fact that I discovered a new flavor of ice-cream that I never thought existed? - Earl Grey flavored ice cream!


I mean, ever wondered why there's green tea ice cream everywhere but never any other tea flavored variety?

Needless to say, it was something else; it was heavenly. It's also strange because my brain kept telling me it should be a drink but my mouth and taste buds were shouting "ice cream, ice cream, we all scream for ice cream!"

And finally, as I've written before, Koreans almost never let their dogs (toy breeds, mostly) walk by themselves. I've seen countless people "walking"  their dogs today. And by walking, I mean carrying them in those kangaroo pouches like babies, or cradling them in their arms. It's quite a ridiculous sight, really!

All things considered, maybe my life as an unemployed in between jobs, job hunting foreigner in Korea is not all that boring, huh?
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