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Apparently keeping to my one-blog-entry-per-day schedule has proven to be too hard.

I didn't even write a Father's Day post like I did for
Mother's Day. This just doesn't seem fair.

Oh well, since I've got nothing, let's get on with the entry.

Walking around in Korea is nothing special. In fact, all the buildings and streets look almost the same. And of course, it doesn't help if you can only read Korean very slowly, symbol by symbol. Oh and I've learnt to read Korean in about 8 minutes! I'm indeed quite proud of this *

, if you look up at sign boards and shop names, you can always, always find something interesting. Check out these pictures;

 (5 My Sausage)

Nobody knows what its supposed to say/mean. It also doesn't help that "five" in Korean is "Oh"; yes, draw your own conclusion. Unusual name aside,"5 My Sausage" is a hotdog stall on one of the street corners downtown and sells these amazing homemade sausages. Yum!

Next up, Smooq; which is located a few blocks from "5 MySausage"

(Smooq - pronounced "suh-moo-kiu" in Korean)

Wouldn't it be funny if these shops were placed side-by-side?

The following pictures should be self-explanatory

("Woman Style Chicken"

Is it just me or do those men look extremely creepy?

(Andrew's Eggtart &; Coffee)

I'm a big fan of egg tarts and I'm sure Andrew's egg tarts are just delicious, but it's Andrew's. Get it? Andrew's.

And this last one needs a bit of explanation; according to Eric, who has been living in Korea for the past 15 years; Koreans prefer sweet pickles. So when this restaurant owner decided that the already-sweetened pickles aren't sweet enough, he serves it like this.

When the little bowl of mysterious-looking "sauce" was brought to the table, I couldn't figure out what it was, nor did it want to taste it. There's always a risk of it being something nasty. It turns out that it was a dish of syrup with bits of peanut in it. Or it could be garlic. There was no way of telling, since neither of us wanted to try it.

I shall end today's entry with my favorite phrase here, "Nobody know, Eric, nobody knows..."
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