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I know it's been a while since my last post. But I'm still down with jet lag. Plus, the 13 hours' time difference from home doesn't help very much. I promise to write about our vacation so far in my next entry but for now, here are some pictures from Eric's birthday.

(Eric putting his birthday puzzle together)

There was really nothing I could buy that we needed/wanted, so, there's nothing else to do but to make a card for my husband. Also, making cards (and crafts) is my one of my favorite past times.

(The card)

It wasn't a fancy evening but as always, we enjoyed each other's company. We had dinner at a wine and cheese restaurant downtown. We nibbled on cheese and not-so-ripened kiwi slices as we watched The Vampire's Assistant playing on a projector screen.

I know, I wondered why they would play corny vampire movie in a classy dining restaurant too. But then again, it's Korea, nobody knows what to expect.

I make it a point to take at least one funny picture every time we go places in Korea. Look at the picture on the right carefully. Apparently the owner doesn't know the existence of a spell checker. He spells Thursday with 2 T's - on the main sign. My first thought was that it was done deliberately; to be different or whatever; but then as I looked at the other smaller signs bearing the bar's name, "Thursday" is spelled right.

Strange? No, it's Korea.
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  1. life songs Says:

    your husband is so blessed to have you =)

  2. Jessica Says:

    I love the card!

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