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Visiting the United States again after having lived in Korea for a bout 9 months now felt so much more invigorating. One of the many reasons is having a family who loves us and treats everyone with due respect. This alone is more than I could ever hope for.

Coming from a typical Chinese-Malaysian family, I've always wondered what it would be like to a have a close family with lots of hugs and kisses to share. Sometimes I'd pretend it were like that at home. As far as I could remember, my own parents were never huggers or kissers. Therefore having in-laws such as Eric's family warmed my heart to its very core; like drinking hot chocolate in winter.

All I could think of the entire vacation (mostly) was how lucky my husband is to have grown up with so much love (he calls it neurosis). 

This vacation taught me how fun it was to sit down and listen to stories my father-in-law had to tell me about his days being a cop in the city. I can't remember when it was the last time I enjoyed listening to stories and feeling the hint of nostalgia in the air. I only wish I had more time to spend listening to them. As happy as this makes me, it only draws unwanted attention to the fact that my own father never sat down with me; except when he had to discipline me over petty matters such as fingerprints on the window or how I didn't hang the laundry just right.

Yes, living in Korea is harsh, but all I need to do is to kick back, remind myself that I am here with a husband who loves me despite the fact that I am sometimes difficult and have a great family and "Shayna" on the other side of the world

("Shayna" and I)
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