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Okay, so I haven't been able to stick to my daily blogging due to the lack of content (there's nothing much to do here). But for the most part, I believe it's my lack of commitment.

Now, on with it.

I don't think one could ever get used to the way Koreans are. From finding doughy rice cake chunks in popsickles or corn nibblets sprinkled on pizzas to girls wearing sweaters during summer is normal; but to a foreigner, Korea is a strange, strange land indeed.

If you are still not convinced of Korea's charming qualities, here's more:-

(How do we pay back the beauty credit?)

In most cities in Korea, every store is strategically grouped with its competitors. If you find one hardware store, look around, you're very likely to find five or six more. And they all close on the same day (normally). In this part of downtown, there are at least 10 if not more beauty supply stores. A few doors down from SkinFood, this store owner decided to be a little more creative, and hence "It's Skin" got its name.

Me: Eric look (points at "It's Skin")
Eric: (without skipping a beat) IT'S SKIN!!

Yes, it's nerdy I suppose, but we have to find ways to entertain ourselves in a place where no one speaks English, and can't understand any foreigner who is trying to speak Korean unless every single word is pronounced JUST the way they, native Korean speakers speak it.

This is me trying to tell a taxi driver where to take me; the (literally) translated version:-

Me: University main gate, please go (My pronunciation might be a bit off, but hey, I don't speak Korean!)
Taxi Driver: Huh?
Me: Main-gate, u-ni-ver-si-ty main-gate
Taxi Driver: Main...gate, (pauses) Main...gate (sucks air through teeth) AHHH! MAIN GATE!
Me: (speechless)

Jazz is my favorite genre of music. I was almost happy when 
I saw that we had walked right into the 2010 Daegu Jazz festival...

...then I realized that none of the instruments were playing in tune with each other. The sax player was going off on his own while the double bass player was plucking his own tune, among others. It was a free performance no doubt, but I thought talent and/or skill is mandatory?

Well, on that note, I'm off to make some more madeleines

I'm still pretty new when it comes to baking (in real life). It turns out that it takes more than three clicks to bake unlike on those baking/cooking games on Facebook (ha-ha). This recipe is REALLY good in my opinion, try it out!

Till next time!
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