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I don't do this often enough; but from time to time I would flip through my notebook and find interesting notes which I don't remember writing.

I mentioned waking up halfway through dreams, grabbing a pen and scraps of paper to quickly scribble some of my more "adventurous" dreams before they are completely forgotten. These scribbles are often unintelligible and I'd have to play a guessing game with my own handwriting.

(A page from my notebook)

Anyway, I was about to write about an entirely different subject today but then I found some notes on a dream I didn't remember having. As I read on, I caught myself laughing silently because the dream apparently made no sense, and might be quite silly. Maybe dreams are supposed to feel inane and irrelevant in the morning.

     I was in high school back in Georgetown. Standing in the Convent Pulau Tikus (CPT) field. The grass was freshly cut and I could still smell the lingering "grass-smell-after-the-rain" - one of my favorite smells.
     The small field was split into four equal sections; each section separated by ribbons tied to sticks. Three of these were already decorated with "Berry Time" theme items. "Berry Time"; as I understood. was a campaign or an art theme for the month. Every class was to display their craft(s) on the field for a month, then start another one for a new theme.

     I was in charge of our class' progress in the matter for the year. Or it had seemed like it. It was also beginning to look quite clear that our class hasn't been displaying anything for months, missing several themes. Our section looked empty and sad.

     Suddenly I was back in 3 Aman, my classroom when I was 15.

The sequence in this dream obviously needs some adjustment.

     The next day, after laying awake in bed all night trying to work out a "crafty" solution I bought some plasticine. 

It wasn't clear what I was planning to do with it yet.

I was also starting to wonder why none of my friends decided to step up and take charge of a task which I was incapable of handling.

     One of our "rivals"  proudly displayed a giant sofa surrounded by 12 pianos. The sofa had "BERRY TIME" taped roughly on it.

     One piano would be carried away each day as we approach "Berry Time".

It was during this part of the dream when I understood that on "Berry Time 2010", the whole school will be there, counting down to midnight. The dream wasn't making any sense before, but at this point, it was absurd.

     No one would help me with my setup. My classmates were busy doing a different setup. I was confused over this. Were they helping another class? Doing one for our class EXCLUDING me? What?

     I called out to Wendy (who, in real life started acting very strange in class then quit school right before finals and was last seen sitting on a swing by herself in the park) but she ducked behind some pillars before hunching her shoulders then walked over. I asked her if she knew what to spray on the plasticine to harden it. Wendy was very good in art. She shook her head then ran off.

     I looked around the room but everyone was caught up doing something different; Joanna was talking to her grandma on her cellphone, although we weren't allowed to have cellphones in school. I could hear her conversation clearly; she was frustrated that her grandma wanted her to stay out of the rain, while she was insisting that it wasn't raining. I looked out of the classroom - it had started to rain.

The dream was strange, but it made me remember the days in school; hinting on issues that I may not be ready to admit. But that's for another time. 
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  1. Joanna Says:

    hmm i like rain

  2. Jillian R. Says:

    Hahaha yeah me too, esp the grass smell after the rain, and during the dream I could almost smell the rain the entire time

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