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The internet is not working at the apartment. Again.

However, the "not working" part is not as annoying as trying to get the service provider guy to come fix it. Explaining to the landlord is the first part of the problem. So we get Eric's office assistant to pass it along. The guy then calls the landlord who then calls the internet guy. It then does a full circle, gets back to us through the office assistant that "it's not broken". Well, if it's not broken then I don't know why I'm blogging from a coffee shop, with my crops withering on Farmville.

Instead of my usual lengthy entires, I'll just have to do a quick one today

The weather is wonderful, looks like fall is kicking in and there's nothing bad about it. I'm a little worried about my herbs and flowers come winter though. I never understood why people like to garden, but after successfully growing and harvesting my first pot of basil, I am totally convinced of using gardening as a therapeutic tool.

Will have to share some pictures of the plants on one of my coming entries in case they don't grow too well indoors.

Tomorrow is Sunday, which means we will be off to another city tour. It should be fun if everything goes as planned, but then again, this is Korea after all, there are always surprises; good and/or bad ready to spring on us.

As an end note, I did buy some really awesome shoes just last week. If anything, I will surely miss the price of shoes in Korea; check these out!

I can't say denim is my favorite, or corduroy for that matter, but denim boots are really something else!

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