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Sometimes I'm glad that our (Korean) neighbors don't speak any English because Eric and I pretty much say some very weird things around the apartment.

A very typical conversation at our home;

Me: When are you gonna move your stuff that's been lying there for years and years now?
Eric: I just put it there!
Me: Yeah, and it will continue to sit there for years and years and years.
Eric: You're a towel!
Me: No, you're a towel! I'm a human!
Eric: You're a dish rag
Me: You're a baby towel

And we continue to bicker for a few more minutes until I go over and pick up the pile of stuff myself

And before some of your might think we're eccentric, here's where the "Towel" began:

Video clip showing Eric Cartman calling Towelie "a towel" on South Park

I even made Eric a pencil holder that says "Baby Towel" on it. It's a regular can, decorated and then wrapped with clear plastic film so that it becomes waterproof.

Yeah, maybe I need a job.
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