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I think we picked the worst day ever to enjoy a cable-car ride up Mt Apsan.

It is Halloween and it looked as if every Korean in Daegu decided that 'tis the time of year to spend some time with their families. I've written about Eric and I joining the city tour once a week to experience "Colorful Daegu" as the banners all over the city proudly claims. On all of the trips we've been on the tour bus, it was only 40% full at most. Today however, we came with three other friends and of course, the tour was fully booked! However, all hope was not lost as the information booth operators told us we could go on the Rapid city bus.

We saw the Rapid-1 bus as we approached the bus stop and I said loudly "Oh look! We don't even have to wait for the bus, yaay!" I didn't know how wrong I was and it all went downhill from there.

The bus driver waved "NO" vigorously at us when we tried to get on the empty bus. He explained in Korean why he's not leaving the bus stop but none of us could understand Korean. I guessed that he must be at the end of his shift and we had to wait for another Rapid-1 to come by. 15 minutes crawled by and another Rapid-1 bus came into view. I almost wanted to laugh out loud because it looked like it came from Malaysia! People were cramped like sardines on the bus and when it came to a stop, people spilled out but it didn't make more room for new passengers to get in. Our group decided to wait for another one.

Another 15 minutes went by and yet another packed Rapid-1 rolled in, again packed from door to door. Thinking that the next Rapid-1 would most probably be the same, we took deep breaths (at least I did) and squeezed our way in. There was very little room to stand and I held on to one of the seats tightly for dear life, occasionally smacking the ajuma (elderly woman) in it with my backpack. She was nice though and didn't mind it very much (I don't think). The bus ride was quickly turning into a nightmare as I constantly lost my balance and breathing recycled air with all the windows closed wasn't exactly helping. At this point, I took small breaths because I was starting to smell everyone's sweat-infused fall coats. I decided to risk getting reprimanded by some of the older folks and reached out to open a window. To my surprise though, a few people started opening the windows too. Well, sometimes Koreans just need a little guidance.
(Note: They kept all the windows closed because it was October. They open the windows only in the spring)

The Rapid bus is "rapid" because it doesn't make as many stops as a normal city bus does - which means less people get off. After about an hour, we finally left the city and got on the the countryside. The traffic was the craziest I've ever seen here in Daegu actually; which proves my point further; 'tis the time of year to spend some time with their families.

We have been standing the entire time and my back and feet were about to fall off anytime. but seeing the multi-colored trees made it tolerable

As I was enjoying the passing greenery, I noticed that the ajuma in the seat in front of me had started to peel an apple with a small fruit knife. Call me paranoid but I moved away from her immediately. Why? Because the road was quite bumpy and I didn't want to risk getting stabbed accidentally in the thigh. Am I the only one who finds it a little alarming that people carry small fruit knives in their purses here?

We finally arrived at our destination, the entire uncomfortable bus ride must've taken a little more than an hour. I should've worn a watch. Anyway, will write more about the rest of the trip. My tummy is making some sort of gurgling sound.

Stay tuned.
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