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Last night was one of those nights when I tossed and turned in bed while thinking of fairy tales stories to amuse myself. I had trouble coming up with amusing stories last night. Then, I started imagining myself being 6-7 months pregnant and can't fit in our kitchen. This one you have to see to believe.

This is our kitchen, As you can see, a shoe closet is absolutely essential here in Korea it seems, that the designer(s) of this apartment had to put up a wall by the door so that they can mount a shoe closet. I guess after building the wall they realized that it didn't leave much space for the kitchen, but it was obviously too late. To the right is the door to the porch - so putting the refrigerator in the corner instead of the shelf is not an option.

We call it the Corridor of Death.

Eric does the crab-walk every day while in the kitchen.

Oh and every day I scrape my knees a little bit trying to get things out of the Cabinet of Death.

Despite having that little flaw in design, our apartment really is quite cozy for two people.

I'm ending today's entry with this:

 (We were waiting for our water delivery guy to come and Eric had this bright idea, it worked!)
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