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Maybe it was too early to have done this. It was no one's fault but my own.

The day was barely half over when I think I might have popped a (few) vein(s) already. It was 10am, I decided that I wanted to call the only 5-star hotel here in Daegu to ask if they have an English-speaking job vacancy - which they should, very much!

I'm starting to feel antsy about being a stay-at-home wife. I felt that maybe I'm just slowly rotting away, letting my talents (of sorts) go to waste. I speak 7 languages after all (I don't mean to brag).

Anyway, it felt painful, physically painful halfway through the call.

Me: Hi, can I speak to the Human Resource department please?
Girl 1: Rooms? Ok hold on --
Me: No, not Reservations, HR. Hu-man Re-sour-ce

Girl 1: Uh...ok, one moment please
Guy: Hello
Me: Is this Human Resource? HR?
Guy: Yes
Me: Ok, I was wondering if you have any English-speaking job vacancies at the hotel?
Guy: Yes
Me: *Sensing that he didn't understand anything I said* Um, okay. So you have jobs available which I could apply for?
Guy: Yes
Me: Okaaaay, so can I have your email so that I could send you my resume? CV?
Guy: Yes.
Me: Email?

Guy: Room, R-O-O-M-@
Me: No, no, wait. I don't want to make a room reservation. I want to WORK for you. Do you have any jobs available? English-speaking jobs? I-am-a-foreigner
Guy: Uh...wait please
Girl 2: Hello, may I help you?
Me: Ok, I just spoke to HR, and I'm asking if you have any JOBS available for foreigners. I DON'T want to make a room reservation!
Girl 2: This is the Front Desk...
Me: *screaming on the inside at this point* Oh god, ok, can you just give me the HR's email address, maybe they can read better...
Girl 2: It's W-W-W---
Me: No no! I don't want the website, I want the email, E-MAI-EEL.
Girl 2: Oh, all the people here in the hotel are Korean...

Me: You mean all your GUESTS are Korean? But you're a 5-star international hotel right?
Girl 2: Yes, all the guests are Korean
Me: Okay...but having someone who can speak English would be good for you right? *I was just rambling on at this point since I decided that zombies might have taken over the all the staff members*
Girl 2: Uh...yes
Me: Ok, never mind, thanks for your help.

In case anyone's wondering, I checked the hotel's website before calling, there were no email addresses present, otherwise it would've spared me the trouble. In Yes-Guy's defense, he probably shut down all his listening skills when he heard some English words. I tried to speak as slow as I could but it didn't help either.

(Zombie clipart from here)

Often times in Korea, it's extremely difficult to communicate with the locals because they shut down mentally when they see a foreigner.  It takes Eric twice as long (or 10 times) to get his message across to someone over the counter as it takes me; who they mistook for being Korean because I'm Asian - although I'm merely using the same words.

I just don't get it. How could a nation study English for 10+ years in school and still be like this? Help me understand!
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