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I think it's time the "Chicken Issue" is addressed.

Every time I tell a non-Malaysian that back home, I must always tell the waiter that I do not want any white meat, and that I WILL send it back if they serve it to me anyway; they look at me as if I'm not right in the head.

Now I shall attempt to explain why that is so.

You see, the chickens in Malaysia (and most other South East Asian countries) must not be fed right or injected with so much growth hormones that their meat mutates into this tough, stringy texture when cooked. Actually I don't know the reason why the meat is tough, and I don't intend to look it up either. Some of the search results might upset me.

In my family, my parents would often pick out the dark meat for my grandmother (whenever she eats with us) because she claims that her false teeth would not be able to chew through the rubber pieces white meat. Anyway, that would leave my siblings and I with the white meat. I would then not eat any chicken at all.

I hope this explains the chicken better: It gets dry even when it's boiled!

So as soon as I got to taste (normal) chicken outside the country, I was amazed beyond, well, anything, that the chicken breast is probably the tastiest part of the chicken. I have no "special preferences" which I must remember to tell the waiter, and I don't mind boiled chicken.

Oh, the above applies to pork, turkey, beef...um, lamb...all kinds of other meats too!

I'm ending this entry with this quote from http://www.meemalee.com

 I would come back just for that chicken which was impressively moist for breast meat"
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  1. Kristi Says:

    Hey! I can cook you a better chicken. Why the chicken in that picture looks like this is because it has been overcook. This is the chinese style of cooking the chicken so its easier to shred it piece by piece.And mainly, chicken breast get overcooked easier as it does not contain fat in between the meat. You just need to try a perfectly cooked chicken breast then you will get hooked.

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