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The year is coming to an end.

So is our time in Daegu. As I am writing this, I have this dreadful feeling in the back of my mind that I am going to miss this place. As I've written before, yes, Korea is indeed a strange place for a foreigner, especially an Asian, like me.

I don't know why but almost everyday someone asks if I am Filipino. I remember one particular conversation I had with a street vendor;
Vendor: U are Pilipino? (they mispronounce F's as P's and vice versa and V's as B's)
Me: No, I'm Malaysian, err, Malaysia
Vendor: Huh? Pilipin?
Me: No no, Malaysia
Vendor: Ohhh *mumbles in Korean*mumble*mumble* Pilipin!

I smiled politely and gave up. At least I enjoyed the odeng (fish cake) I was eating.

Anyway, like I said, amidst all its peculiarity; like this one;

(Beer & --- and what? Yeah, exactly)
I read the Korean words below the English one and it reads 안 "Bee-aw Ahn"

There really are some really good qualities too. Like, some of the older Koreans are so genuinely nice and helpful that often times I feel so touched that I feel teary eyed. Just quite recently we got into this taxi in which the driver was so happy to have an American passenger (Eric) that he started showing us his collection of the great oldies; Elvis Presley was among his many favorites. Also, he chatted on about a few cowboy movies which he evidently had watched many times over and over. He was an elderly man but he became very energetic as he talked about the movies with his limited English. I wish more Koreans have lateral thinking like him, as he removed the front passenger seat headrest when he saw Eric stretching his neck to the right and left to peer out at the traffic jam.

And most of all, I guess the one thing I would definitely miss most of all is our apartment. It's really a great apartment if not for the corridor of death.

Our place is nothing luxurious but it's cosy to say the least. We even managed to cramp a 4-person dinner table behind the couch and call it "the breakfast nook".

I can't say where we're heading at this point, and I definitely can't say if going back to Malaysia would be a good thing either. The possibility of living in the tropical heat again is too unbearable.

I think it's finally appropriate to say I don't want this winter to end!
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