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Going to the supermarket has always been an adventure; back home in Penang, you can see 10-11 year olds being pushed around in shopping carts. In Korea, you have to be extra vigilant because there's a constant risk of someone running you over with one. Here in Muscat, well, two weeks here and already the adventures are beginning...

You know what they say about the camera; when you don't have one handy, you will often stumble upon the most interesting sights. Actually, I don't know if that's a common enough saying, I am merely quoting the husband. A couple of days ago, we were at Lulu Hypermarket to pick up our weekly groceries. There, in its outdoor car park, was a camel tied to a pole; literally parked among the cars! I have never seen a camel up that close before (or any real ones from far in fact, except on TV). I believe I shrieked; "OMG, it's really cute!", but it was - with it's long eye lashes and a red saddle strapped on its back. Like I said, no camera; I didn't even have my cellphone with me. I must explain that even though we're in the desert (literally) camels are very rare out here in the city.

Anyway, after staring at the camel for a few minutes, we went about with our shopping. In my previous entry, I've written about how amazing the supermarkets here are compared to Korea. Korean supermarkets tend to only carry Korean products and/or ingredients to make Korean foods. Being in Korea for a year has truly turned me into a country mouse; somewhat. I felt slightly overwhelmed in the Baking Goods aisle. Simply put, Koreans do not bake. Remember how hard it was for me to find a muffin tray?

The one thing I really don't look forward to here is checking out. For some reason, not only at Lulu's of course, but at some of the other supermarkets regardless of their size, the cashiers always have a disgruntled look on their faces. I know, you can find these everywhere. However, usually if you smile or say "thank you" afterwards, they would at least give you a head nod or whatever. Not over here.

I've been subjected to quite a few very unhappy employees before but this cashier took rudeness to a whole new level. Here's what happened; as the family in front of us was half done, we started to look around for the counter divider;

(Counter Divider)

...but the only one available was being used by the cashier himself. He was using it to stop the customers' items from rolling off his conveyor belt. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't we, the customers the ones who were supposed to use the divider? At first I asked him nicely if I could have it. He said "No" very curtly, with a very annoyed look on his face. As if he didn't belong there and was forced to work instead of smoking some shisha (hookah) with his friends.

I was honestly quite embarrassed by the very mean look he gave me so I started to back away. Eric however, smilingly reached over and took the divider from the cashier and stuck it behind the family's last item(s). With this the cashier lost it (I think), so he snatched it back quite rudely. The mother from the family in front of us tried to help by saying "Maybe later he will give it to you". But really, why would we need a divider when it's our turn?! By then, the cashier had such a look on his face which oozed such meanness and anger that I was beginning to feel quite intimidated. Imagine a person being forced to smell faeces, you get what I mean? Not only that, he kept saying "You go over to the other counter! You go!". He got even angrier when we decided to stay.

The furious cashier then started scanning our purchases and threw it over the other end of the counter, I'm quite amazed that nothing broke. He even threw our white towels over an extra dirty spot - just to get us. Before leaving, Eric and I both said "thank you" politely in our effort to get him to lighten up. He ignored us.

If you have been reading my blog (religiously, I hope), you will have guessed that I will not take this lightly. That cashier got what he deserved - a long complaint card. The staff at Customer Service were very helpful and they kept making sure that I was okay. I even saw one of the girls kind of jabbed another girl on the arm when I told them which cashier it was. That gave me the impression that this happens all the time.

Despite all my gung-ho attitude there, when I got home, I started to feel a little worried. Really, if you had seen the look on the man's face, you would understand what I'm saying; he had such a scary, menacing look on his face - I was sure he was going to seek revenge.

I had nightmares that night, two separate ones in fact. Pink, fur-less dogs and being sent away without Eric...that kind of thing.

I don't know if they keep customer feedbacks anonymous but I know this; the next time I shop at Lulu's, I will be avoiding checking out where that cashier is; and oh yes, dark sunglasses might help.

Now, Eric - well, maybe a hat too!
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