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Jester is attending a month-long obedience course starting this Saturday. The cutest thing about this course is how proud it makes Eric. I can see what a good dad he is going to make because we've been having conversations like these:

Eric: He’s going to school!
Me: Eric! It’s not school!
Eric: Okay, pre-school! No, NURSERY school!
Me: *rolls eyes* you know that he’s going because he’s naughty right? You shouldn't be so proud!
Eric: *ignores comment* we’ll pack him some food, some water and a munchy stick!
Me: Should we pack him an apple too?
Eric: No, he doesn't like apples. We’ll pack him a notebook and some crayons.

(The little boy and his daddy)

Yes, I have two boys at home. They both make me laugh so much that I think I’m gaining some Happy Weight. Anyway, Jester is attending the class because he has mental issues. I’m serious! We think he has been traumatized at the kennel which he was kept. One minute he would be snuggling with us, being sweet and cuddly and the next minute he would treat us like his chew toys. It brings new meaning to the phrase; when he’s good, he’s very, very good. When he’s bad, he’s very, very bad!

(A napping Jester)

We both watch episodes of “Dog Whisperer” and have tried some of his methods at. Most of them would work on Jester except when “Crazy Time” starts. He never growls at us, he just tries to bite our hands, toes, legs, sometimes our faces…well, anywhere he could get. The scars are still one my arms, where he tries to claw on. Sometimes I get worried that people might think I don’t listen – if you know what I mean. Don’t get me wrong, Jester is a sweet boy and he never means any harm, he has never broken skin before, it’s just that he likes to play rough and it doesn’t help that he is REALLY strong. It’s hard for me to fight him off sometimes.

To be fair, he did get a lot better since we had him fixed. The first week we had him was a little traumatizing for me even. I don’t know what gets him going but he seems to want to make everything his “girlfriend”! He completely destroyed his mattress in 3 days and then peed on it. We were not spared either. I’ve had to lock him in the dining room when he gets too hyped up and I couldn’t hold him off any longer.


He is napping under my desk staring as I’m working on this entry. He loves being near me (sometimes he chooses Eric over me) so he follows me everywhere around the apartment. However bad he is at times, we both love him so very much.

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