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It was a difficult few days dealing with Bibbles’ passing. Walking around the apartment was especially hard because I’d imagine her little head peaking out behind furniture as she loved to follow me around the room when I do my chores. Therefore, I stayed in bed most of the time, watching TV and occasionally giving myself a migraine.

Two days of that and we decided it’s time to get another dog.

Again, we emailed the Qurum Veterinary to see if we could rescue another dog.

That was how we were introduced to “Dastardly” – that was his name. In the email picture, he was sitting with his ears back. We now know that those are his “happy” or “scared” ears. Laura, the woman we dealt with since Bibbles found him at the Al Fair (supermarket) parking lot just sitting there, watching traffic. She brought him to a kennel which accepted him since they did not have any room for him at the vet/shelter.

(Dastardly; pretending to be good a few minutes after he arrived)

It was Saturday (4 days after Bibbles) when Laura brought Dastardly over to our apartment. Immediately he started jumping on me and hugging me with his very strong front legs. Unlike Bibbles, who came in and sat down quietly until we showed her around, Dastardly started exploring the apartment on his own, sniffing everything in sight, wagging his curly tail very vigorously.

Since he wasn’t fixed yet, as soon as Laura left he started humping my leg. He continued to hump everything he could manage the first week he stayed with us, mostly he would jump on me from behind (as wrong as that sounds), oh, Eric wasn’t spared either. He was so strong that I couldn’t really fight him off. He wouldn’t just struggle; he tried to claw on my clothes to stay on. I still have scratch marks on my arms and legs, faintly but they’re still there. To tell the truth, it’s kind of embarrassing to go out in public because it looks like I’m a victim of domestic violence.

(His girlfriend; the mattress)

Testosterone aside, Dastardly really is a sweet, loving puppy (he’s only a year old), he heels good on walks, obeys “Sit” and “Wait” commands, and most importantly, he really is a jester, he makes me laugh all day; throwing his toys or (rawhide) chewy in the air and tries to catch them. Mostly he fails to catch it, and sometimes it hits him on the head – hard, because that is how he throws them. My favorite however, is watching him play “Football”. We bought him a squeak toy in the shape of a football. He would throw it around the room, sometimes up in the air; then grabs it with his mouth and start squeaking it for a few minutes, then pounce on it some more, making more squeaks. It’s really the most amusing thing (I’m sorry, I’m easily entertained).

(The football player!)

(He decided that he is too important to sit on the floor outside, so he climbs on the table)

 (This is our story and we're sticking to it; "His mother tried to put some socks on him but only managed to get half of it on his right paw as he pulled away too quickly")

Thus, we added “Jester” to his name and that’s how “Jester Dastardly” came to be. Remember “Johnny Dangerously”?

Coming up, the price of having a crazy puppy with a personality disorder!
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