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The streets and roads in Muscat are generally very well maintained and I've yet to come across a pothole when we drive around, even in small, heavily populated areas in the city.

Just when I was about to go bragging to friends and family back in Malaysia, we got ourselves into this;

(Kyle and Eric jacking the car)

Yes, after dinner at the American Club last Friday, we drove into a manhole – or something of the sort. They were probably drain holes designed to handle large amounts of water during the heavy rainfall months as floods do happen here. The problem was; they never bothered to cover them. Furthermore, the street was not very well lit.

The funny thing was, across the street was the drain cover, just tossed aside, with weeds growing around it, it was as if after they built the drain, the workers were so happy that they left to celebrate in a hurry – without bothering to ever come back and cover the holes. There were several more holes of death along the sidewalk. And of course, car tires fit the holes perfectly.

Or maybe the holes were there for a different purpose altogether? Perhaps to deter people from parking along the sidewalk? Laugh all you want, but it could very well be the real reason! It worked, didn't it?

(The approximately 1-foot deep hole)
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