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I had an interesting "encounter" with an Omani man (I'd say somewhere in his 40s) this morning as I took Jester for his morning walk.

I was walking him back to our apartment when I heard someone calling "Excuse me! Excuse me!" in a stern voice. I turned around and saw an Omani man standing at the spot where Jester just did his #2. So I said "Yes?" The Omani then said "Come here!"

First of all, no one should speak to another adult that way. His tone of voice was stern and it sounded as if he was addressing a child. Then the following exchange took place:-

Omani Man (let's call him "OM"): Come here!
Me: What's the problem?
OM: The problem? This! You come and pick this up.
Me: *walked over to the spot* Sure, I will pick it up, but I think you should be more polite about it, you don't have to be so rude
OM: I am not rude, but you have to pick this up, I see you everyday bring IT here
Me: Yes, I do bring HIM here and I will be happy to clean it up, but you're really rude!
OM: No no, I am not rude, just clean up after IT.
Me: Sure, mister. Don't be so rude.

He walked away without saying anything else.

Okay, now, in any other place (even back in Malaysia) I WOULD clean up after my dog as it is the responsible thing to do, but let me explain why I don't do it here. First of all, if you look anywhere on the street you will find Styrofoam boxes, soda cans, plastic bags, food wrappers, tissue...the list goes on. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think those are more harmful to the environment than some dog waste which will probably benefit the soil anyway. Take our neighbors for example; their piping is set up in a way that I guess their used water flows out to the street. How is that being responsible?

Back to this morning's encounter with OM, his complaint was perfectly reasonable. In fact, even though most Omanis are a dirty, littering lot, I should have been going about with a bag and shovel anyway. It was his tone of voice which really bothered me. These people do not have any respect for women at all (as I've written about before), and furthermore, who asks another stranger to "Come here!"?! I am not his child or his servant, I don't have to go anywhere he asked. If I wasn't so worried that he might do something drastic like call the police and have Jester taken away from us, I would've told him "No, YOU come here!".

What would you have done in my place?
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  1. Brian Says:

    I dont think you want to know what I would have done... In fact, I don't want to know what I would have done. It would have been far more rude than his comment and probably violent to all hell and gone.

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