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I think many (women) will agree with me when I say that Weight is our common enemy. Before you judge me by size, let me tell you, when I was in my teens, I could eat as much carbohydrates and fat as I desired and not gain a single pound. Yes, I went hiking with my parents at least 4 times a week back then and as a result, I legs are as toned up till today, but that’s besides the point. The amount of food and the accumulated hours I napped and slept in a day would even out the numbers.

When I hit 21, it was all downhill from there. From age 21-23, I gained about 3 kilos from my original weight, which some might call it being on the upper end of being underweight.  I struggled to keep those pounds off, I joined the gym, crossed out “Frosted Flakes” from my shopping list; and in its place, I wrote “expensive cereal” – because in Malaysia, the more expensive the cereal, the more healthy it gets, I’m not joking! And I refused to sit down for at least 30 mins after a meal. None of those worked so I gave up and accepted my new weight – 43 kilos. Back then, I thought the slight weight gain was devastating, but the worst was yet to come. Oh yes, Mid-Twenties caught up with me.

I met Eric when I was 23; he is someone who shares my passion for cooking and trying out new recipes. The difference between us is that he knows what he is doing. I used follow every word in the cookbook, occasionally I substituted ingredients, but that was all. I do however; know cooking techniques and terms well (or even better than my husband) because I went to college for it. When I moved to Korea at 24, I’m proud to say that I’ve mastered some of the Malaysian dishes which I’ve grown up loving. Anyway, this means more cooking, more experimenting, and some more weight gain. Plus, the first 6 months I lived in Korea, all we had was Korean rice (sushi rice) which has extremely high gluten content. I tried to stay away from it most of the time, but occasionally I did eat half a bowl here and there. We occasionallyd cycle around campus, and I worked out on my stepper machine almost every day, the weight didn’t come off, instead another few kilos latched on.

Now, I jog with Jester and sweat like mad each time. I mop the floor daily, sometimes twice a day, and I chase and wrestle the little monster every day. I’m also in the process of reducing my food intake.

But alas, we bought a bathroom scale last night.

There’s no reason to complete this entry.
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  1. weight doesn't need to be our enemy. it can be our bestest friend if we care for it :P im sure you'll be back to the weight you dream of with the amount of activities you're engaging... gambateh!

  2. Jillian R. Says:

    I guess you're right, it's just so hard to control, I'd lose a kilo here and there and if I don't watch it, it's back with a blink of an eye.

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