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I’m starting to see that every day, no matter what it is, getting things done here in Muscat is a challenge; like ordering drinking water for example. Simple task, no? Well, think again.

Like many Gulf Countries, water here is desalinated. While it is okay for washing, it doesn’t taste quite right. One can taste the faintest hint of saltiness in the tap water, even after it is boiled. Also, the water seemed to have a more “dense” quality to it when compared to normal drinking water. We bought a (Omani brand) water filter which does a very poor job of filtering the water. The saltiness is still there, although very faint, but more importantly, little black specks of the filter sometimes appear in filtered water. Yeah, like I said, it does an extremely poor job and I am stopping Eric from buying another one (of a different brand even) because I don’t think any filter would be able to filter out the taste of the water.

Our other option is to order bottles of drinking water to be delivered. We already have the dispenser, so all we need is the bottles to be delivered every few days and we’re set, right?

On Saturday morning (the first day of the work week), I called Oman Oasis to place my order.  I didn’t just order 2 bottles (5 gallons each); I told them I wanted to buy their coupon booklet of 20 bottles. The man on the phone told me this, and I quote; “We will try to deliver today or tomorrow”. I asked him if it was “today” or “tomorrow” most probably and he repeated the sentence.

It is now 11pm, Sunday night. No water. No courtesy call. Nothing.

I really miss our Korean water guy back in Daegu, we called him in the evenings when we were running low on water, the next morning,*BOOM* he was there with 2 5-gallon bottles of water which he carried by hand up 3 flights of stairs. If these people here would be half as efficient as he was, I would have been happy.

So help me understand this, we’re talking about water. A very essential human need and they don’t even bother to deliver on time. What if we didn’t have our sorry excuse for a water filter? Now I’m re-thinking ordering water from these people. Who knows what would happen after we pay them for the booklet. They’ll never show up again.

Oman has a lot of potential, the Sultan is such an amazing leader, but why can’t the people just…just work for a living?
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  1. what can we do... when a child is spoilt-rotten LOL

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