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I feel like I need to apologize before I go further; the tone of the entry will be somewhat unsavory.

So. Living in Muscat for three months and counting. What's it like? I shall quote a friend who said the same thing about Korea, first, there is wonderment, something and something else in between (I'm sorry, I don't really remember what he said), and finally, acceptance

I'm still in the wonderment stage of settling down in Muscat and I don't see a future where there will be acceptance.

I've never seen such lazy, ignorant people in my entire life. The beaches for example, are in a very sad state, there are (often broken) bottles every where I look, not to mention bags of garbage (yes, bags!) lying around when there are clearly garbage cans places every 2 meters or so apart. My husband recently went on a beach outing with his university students. They drank cans of soda and bottled juice while waiting for their hired boat to take them on a trip. When the boat came, they left ALL the empty cans and bottles and rushed off. Eric managed to grab a student and asked if they were going to pick it up. The answer was this; "It's no problem, it's a public beach". 

Also, I'm continuously amazed by how far people go to NOT do anything. Like cleaning their cars for example. I thought it is easy enough for someone to drive to a car wash or use those automated ones. Well here, every house has a "houseboy". usually a Pakistani or Indian guy who cleans the car and takes out the garbage everyday. I mean, taking out the garbage takes no effort at all. Admittedly, the garbage system here is pretty strange if you ask me. Instead of having individual garbage cans outside our houses, there is a big dumpster for every 10 houses or so. So the boy has to walk quite a bit carrying some stinky garbage; plus I feel bad for House No 10.

Yesterday, I took my dog out for his morning walk. 7am in the morning, I wasn't fully awake yet and probably still had bed head. Halfway through the walk, a Pakistani (or perhaps Indian) car wash man who looked quite friendly walked up to me and here was what happened;

Car Washer (CW): Dog! Dog! What's his name?
Me: *thinking it wouldn't do much harm answered* Jester *started walking away*
CW: Where are you from?
Me: *thinking: Oh Lord, it's started* I'm American (I've recently realized that no matter where I say I'm from people will still TELL me that I'm Filipino).
CW: What? Where you are from?

I walked far away enough by now that I didn't hear whatever he was still mumbling. I continued walking Jester up the street for his morning business and then on the way back, apparently CW hasn't given up being nosy or whatever, i don't know anymore.

CW: Hello? Where are you from?
Me: *scowls*
CW: You are Filipino?
Me: NO! I am American
CW: You are Malaysian?
I ignored him, went home and made a mental note to pepper spray him the next time he talks to me.

So now even the Help thinks I'm Help? You know what I mean? Because I'm Asian?

I don't know what's the deal with Filipinos here in Muscat. What are the girls doing here besides clean houses and take care of children? What's going on on the side making all these men go crazy when they think they see a Filipino? It's not my place to care but it bothers me that people see my as one!
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  1. ouch! you have be having a hard time... hope everything will fall into place for you soon. hang in there! God bless!

  2. sorry, my mind and hand didn't coordinate: you *must be having a hard time...

  3. Jillian R. Says:

    Yeah I'm fighting against leaving this stupid place every day, but I guess God put us here for a reason, I'm gonna stick around and find out :)

    But thanks for all your comments! x

  4. God is with you. And we are here, around and over the seas and lands... hehee! :D

  5. Brian Says:

    Jillian, I often found that learning a few nasty phrases in the native language can help to bridge the gap of reason. Since most of your negative experiences happen while you are walking alone, learn to say the following in Arabic:

    "I am married and my husband will kill you."
    "I am writing down your license plate and reporting you to the police/my husband."

  6. Jillian R. Says:

    HAHAHA Brian! I like the first phrase!! It rocks!

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