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Ever since learning the driving route to Carrefour at the Qurum City Center, I’ve been telling Eric that we have to stop shopping for groceries at the LuLu’s in Ghubra. I don’t know if all the hypermarkets in the chain are the same or it is just this one; due to poor management.

(LuLu Hypermarket in Ghubra - looks like a casino, doesn't it?)

We have had so many bad experiences at this Lulu outlet that I'm starting to lose count. However, it doesn’t mean I’m going to stop trying. Let’s start with their Service;
-          Remember the rude cashier who sneered at us; customers? You can read the story here.

-          Once I wanted to buy a pair of Reeboks, there was only one pair there; the one on display. The pair fitted me but I wanted to try a size smaller just to make sure (like a normal person would). We went to a nearby sales assistant, who was engaged in conversation with another staff. The sales assistant took one look at the shoes and told us that it was the last pair. That’s it. No “I’ll check”, or “maybe they will come in next week/year/etc”, NO, just “Last Pair”…THEN, continued with her conversation! Well, the outcome; I had to buy that pair because my Nikes were torn and I needed to run every day. They fit, luckily.

-          Also, apparently no one who works there knows ANYTHING. On several occasions, I couldn’t find something on the shelves and I asked employees nearby; who were, just a minute ago re-stocking the shelves, you’d think they might know SOMETHING, but NO, the employee(s) did the head-bop thing, y’know, the one which doesn't mean yes or no…and told me that they didn't know. I've since given up asking; if I don’t see it on the shelves, I just carry on with my life.

-          This is not always the case; but at the cash register last night, we had a bag boy help us bag our purchases. I actually prefer bagging our items ourselves because the bag boys use WAAAY too many plastic bags; sometimes one item per bag. However, after putting together ONE bag, the boy decided that he wanted a break and just left – without a word. At first I thought he was called to another register for a sec and will be right back. He never came back. I don’t know why but I started laughing and kept repeating loudly “DID YOU SEE THAT, ERIC? HE JUST LEFT! *laughter, lots of laughter* ” The cashier felt bad seeing a poor woman (me!) lose her mind so she helped us bag. The help really wasn’t necessary but it was a nice gesture.

(Let me be clear; these are thick, sturdy plastic bags, not the flimsy kind which disintegrates in the trash)

(People just piling up on bags. We don't buy this much stuff but every trip to LuLu's gets us at least 10-15 bags)

Don't get me wrong, I do try to tell them that I don't need so many bags, but I usually get ignored. Once I wedged a pack of dish cloth between two plates we bought and handed it to the bag boy but he pulled out the dish cloths and bagged the plates separately - one giant bag each. I use these bags for garbage, and now I can dump liquids (not that I do, but I *can*) in the trash without worrying about drips.

In the next entry, I will tell you about the shocking quality of their products.

Meanwhile, be thankful that you, my dear reader, are not subjected to Living in Muscat!

…but if you are, well, guess we’re in the same boat, here’s an oar, let’s paddle, paddle away!
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  1. jamie writes Says:

    OMFG! I feel for you...

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