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In my last entry I talked about the quality of service at Lulu’s. It IS bad. Bad service is one thing, but when it comes to bad, low standard products, I have to draw the line.

We used to do our weekly grocery shopping at Lulu’s because we live very close by, but like I said before, after learning the driving route to Carrefour, Al Fair and Sultan Centre, trips to Lulu’s had dropped to only once a month or none at all because they have nothing to offer.

The first “bad” product we got from Lulu’s is a batch of chocolate chip cookies from their in-house bakery. You’d think “How could anyone screw up chocolate chip cookies”, right? They’re the easiest things to make and the ingredients are almost always available. Well, you can, if you’re a big supermarket chain and try to cheap-out on the customers. The cookies looked normal; dark brown rounds, with big chunks of chocolate chips. That’s how Eric got attracted to them (my husband gets drawn to sweet treats like ants) in the first place. He snacked on them for about 2 days when I decided to have one too. The first bite was actually SHOCKING. You see, I have a thing for coconut oil – I hate it. When it’s cheap coconut oil, it’s even worse. The cookies do not taste like cookies at all; instead of tasting a buttery smoothness which crumbles in your mouth, they were hard, and almost broke my front tooth. I think I figured out the mystery, they were too cheap to use butter so they substituted it for cheap coconut oil; and therefore changed the texture altogether. They were not cookies; they were Chinese Throwing Cookies Stars.

(Hi-yakkk!! Ninja!!)

The cookie issue didn’t really stop us from shopping there due to the location convenience. The next item I’m about to describe is by far the worst I’ve ever tasted in my entire life. Not even buggy honey can top this.

Last week, we went to the Lulu’s in Ghubra to pay the phone bill. I didn’t really have a long grocery list so we decided to just pick up the few items and be done for the week. On the way to the cash register, Eric grabbed a bottle of carrot juice, labeled “Freshly Squeezed”. It’s one of those in-store juices. Eric took a sip of the juice and handed the bottle to me. A slight rotting smell hit me but for some strange reason I was so beaten from standing in line at the cashier that I drank it anyway. Not only the carrot juice tasted rotten but its texture had changed and it was bubbly and thick. That wasn’t even the worst part. THEN, something slimy touched my lip. I didn’t spend much time judging what it was as I threw the bottle away. I had a hard time convincing myself that a piece of rotten carrot did not get juiced and that the something was just carrot. The piece was slimy though, and it had a rounded tip, at least I thought so as it touched my lip for a fraction of a second. It could be someone’s finger for all I know.

I had goosebumps all over and I was about to cry. Apparently Eric doesn’t pay attention to what he’s eating/drinking. I don’t know how that rotting smell and taste didn’t put him off, and then he handed the killer juice to his wife. Nice.

I wanted to go lodge a complaint but again, the line of people everywhere was sickening. Plus, I’d lost my will to live.

So yeah, Lulu’s has the longest lines at the cashiers, I don’t know if they have three times more customers than the other (GOOD) supermarkets or that their cashiers work three times as slow; but in any case, the long lines I can take, the inefficiency of their staff, I *can* somewhat manage but with food/drinks which I consume, I draw the line.

For now, it’s Goodbye Lulu’s. I hope I never step foot in any of your stores ever again, and why should I? It’s not like you have anything to offer. 
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  1. jamie writes Says:

    LOL! We visited a kennel this afternoon. We might be adopting the abused silky terrier... he was locked in a room for days without food & drinks... hope to give him some love...

  2. Jillian R. Says:

    Yaaay Jamie!!! So glad u're adopting!!! After coming to Oman and realizing how bad dog's have it, I'm never ever buying another dog, adoption is the only way to go!!

    Can't wait to see your new addition to the family. We will soon adopt another one (hopefully) when we move to Abu Dhabi :)

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