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Friday, May 20

6 am: Woken up by Jester’s cold nose poking my thighs, arms and face, followed by having the covers pulled away and then more poking by his cold, wet nose.

6.05: Opened bathroom door groggily only to be instantly hit by a thick wall of heat. Fully awake and sweating by the time finished brushing teeth.

6.10: Took Jester out to pee-pee, as soon as we stepped out of the apartment, I felt like walking into an oven. Thought to self; "maybe misread the clock, maybe it’s already 8am".

6.30: Came back inside, completely drenched in sweat, still in pajamas. Checked time, yep, 6.30am.

6.45: Started making coffee; while waiting for electric kettle to boil, sweat dripped from forehead into eyes despite attempts dry self with some paper towels. Thought about all the winters I will be missing in Korea and how I’ll never get to smell rain and grass ever again.

From then on, it was a downward spiral into another bout of depression.

11am: Attempted to take a cold shower. Yes, it was only an attempt as the water come out scalding hot (heater was OFF), yelped in pain, curses flew.

I had to adjust the faucet dial to “HOT” as the “hot water” was cooler than the scalding tap water*.

*tap water; we don’t really have fresh "tap water". Our villa has a water tank on the roof and it pumps water into all the apartments. That's how every household is set up here. It is the desert after all.

11.30: Stepped out of shower, started sweating almost immediately. Angrily picked up A/C remote to adjust temperature. Saw that it was already set to 16C (coolest setting). Puzzled as it was blowing hot air at me.

11.31: Started yelling and crying. Jester got off the bed and lay on the floor. I followed. It cooled me off a little. Go Jester!

12pm: A/C stopped producing cool air because it couldn’t handle the heat outside. It was fixed just the day before. I had gone hysterical at this point. Standing in front of fans do not work as it just circulated hot air and blowing it at me

While all this was going on, the dining room and kitchen; which didn’t have an air-conditioning unit was heating up nicely. I couldn’t go in there. Eric got banished into the dining room whenever he wanted to smoke a cigarette. He comes back into the room covered in sweat.

12.30: Decided that if I wanted to ever take a cold shower again it will have to be out of a bucket. So, a bucket of scalding water was left in the bathroom to cool. *felt like we're living in a rural area*

1pm: Eric decided to buy an A/C for the dining room. I tried half-heartedly to talk him out of it because this is a rented apartment. In the end we agreed; it was essential. I don't know which got to him first, my constant b*tching or the heat.

2pm: The temperature got up to 45C (felt like 50C) outside. I declared, as I lay on the floor that I’m losing too much sweat and was about to die.

3pm: Took Jester out pee-pee again. Poor boy quickly did his business and ran in. I was again, drenched in sweat.

3.15: Another hot shower. Water in bucket still warm.

3.30: Stood in front of fan, armed with a spritzer bottle. Misted self with water to cool off as the fan blows hot air on my face. Felt a little better.

4pm: Had completely lost my sanity. Watched “Hall Pass”. Fell asleep sweating on floor.

Fast forward a few hours later, A/C guys arrived, installed the unit, and then couldn’t get the wiring in order. We had to hire electricians to come in the next day. Great.

7pm: A/C started working normally again. Yay.

8pm: Took a shower with bucket-water. It made a HUGE difference. Yay.

8.15: Watched some TV in bed. Still sweating a little, but had lost the will to live. Didn’t care.

10pm: Took Jester out for his last pee-pee of the day. Came in, drenched in sweat. Went to bed.

Conclusion? I will never take the following things for granted ever again:

# Cold Showers
# Not getting burnt when I wash my hands
# Chilled water; we were guzzling so much water that the fridge couldn't cool it fast enough
# Trees
# Grass
# Rain
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